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Nurture Academy is a Social Enterprise based in East London. We work with individuals of all ages to provide several different services under one umbrella.

We aim to nurture, mentor, and teach individuals lifelong skill while unlocking their confidence in their ability and skill. We encourage everyone to take that confidence and channel it into their dreams and aspirations. Our service is:

Workshops and Accredited courses in Hair braiding and Natural Hairstyling

Train a Trainer Programme

Guided Learning


However, we stand out from others as self-development and mentoring is the guiding forces in all our engagements.

We work with the following types of Organisations:

  • Schools
    (Primary & Secondary)

  • Youth Centres

  • Foster Carers

  • Community Centres

  • Homeless Organisations

  • Ex-offenders

  • Private Organisations

Our Mission

For our customers: To create a space where growth and creativity will take place amongst its Community. To be recognised by the Community as a place that will help individuals' step into the next steps (big or small) in their lives. We will create a family support network to help everyone thrive.

For our employees: To create a brand where our employees, clients and communities will grow. To ensure that the family support network is not only felt by our clients but everyone who works for Nurture Academy.

For our Future:  We aim to impact every town in the UK by encouraging and nurturing each Community we meet. We strongly believe it starts with one positive change, and the rest will have a ripple effect.

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Our Brand




Welcome to

Meet the


Portia Louis

Managing Director

Best Attribute
Portia's smile and connecting the dots to bring things together

Lavern Williams

Operations Manager

Best Attribute
Lavern's warmth,
making all feel welcome

Serena Newland Grace

Events Director

Best Attribute
Serena's flair on events, doing each event with class and style

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